Yes. It's another Mary Louise Parker post.

James is doing a gold leaf tattoo on her back while I'm painting a pot leaf on her front. There were tons and tons of pot at the shoot. It was all fake like the silk flowers that your mom probably has in a vase in her living room.

Wonder Woman Body paint for Domestic Violence!

8x12 Photo with original ink drawing by my DH in an auction to benefit Domestic Violence shelters and crisis line.
Body paint & photography- RoByn Thompson www.nycbodyart.com
Ink - James W. Fry 3.0 www.toonguyfry.com
Penciller on Batman Adventures, XMen Unlimited, Slapstick, Liberty Project, Star Trek, Sonic the Hedgehog


More Mary Louise Parker

James, MLP and moi. I wanted to ask how she feels about sharing her initials with My Little Ponies but sometimes it's good not to ask.


See You Soon Belly Painting

It's a belly painting with a stork and a bundle of joy.


Mary Lousie Parker body paint for Fortune Magazine

Ms. Parker is on the cover of the current Fortune Magazine and in the interior is a shot of her body painted. I painted her on Labor Day and she was lovely, her kids adorable. It was lots of fun & my DH, James got to impress his buds by sending them a shot of us with MLP.