Yes. It's another Mary Louise Parker post.

James is doing a gold leaf tattoo on her back while I'm painting a pot leaf on her front. There were tons and tons of pot at the shoot. It was all fake like the silk flowers that your mom probably has in a vase in her living room.

Wonder Woman Body paint for Domestic Violence!

8x12 Photo with original ink drawing by my DH in an auction to benefit Domestic Violence shelters and crisis line.
Body paint & photography- RoByn Thompson www.nycbodyart.com
Ink - James W. Fry 3.0 www.toonguyfry.com
Penciller on Batman Adventures, XMen Unlimited, Slapstick, Liberty Project, Star Trek, Sonic the Hedgehog


More Mary Louise Parker

James, MLP and moi. I wanted to ask how she feels about sharing her initials with My Little Ponies but sometimes it's good not to ask.


See You Soon Belly Painting

It's a belly painting with a stork and a bundle of joy.


Mary Lousie Parker body paint for Fortune Magazine

Ms. Parker is on the cover of the current Fortune Magazine and in the interior is a shot of her body painted. I painted her on Labor Day and she was lovely, her kids adorable. It was lots of fun & my DH, James got to impress his buds by sending them a shot of us with MLP.


Green and Purple

These are traditionally bad guy colors. In comic books, the heroes typically wear primary colors. I don't think she's a villain tho.


Green Hands

Some people have green thumbs.
Others have green hands.
Some people get caught red handed.
Others get their palms re(a)d.


Justin, Backlit

Justin is in my hallway. By the window. I like how stark the blown out window makes the images.


Golden Swirl with Teardrops

Yes, that's moss on the other breast. There some rhinestone accents too!
This image is from the Ferngully Mardi Gras shoot that I did with Pandora Rose.
Had a lot of fun playing with texture. I used a very coarse glitter, metallic and matte body paints and gold metallic powders to get the different effects.


Gold Spirals and Goose Bumps.

It was winter and the furnace was funky the day we did this shoot. Brrrr! It was a nightmare. My model was goose-bumpy and the plumber kept having to come it. We live in an imperfect world. Not everything goes according to plan. Like you needed my blog to tell you that, right?


We should be at the beach!

Summer's almost over.
Play hooky. Go to the beach.
Carpe Diem.
Tiffany is one of my favorite mermaids.


My mentor doesn't like this shot.

Ok, it's the strings of plastic beads that he really objects to.
Hi Ricardo!
I like props. They give models something to do and add some interesting textures. Yeah, plastic beads are kind cheezy but I think they were ok for this shot.


Color, Movement and Evil Trolls.

Ok, so I really don't KNOW that the troll was evil. It was kinda creepy how he kept staring at Agent N tho. This is from her troll fairy teaparty shoot. I love the striped toe socks. My studio is in a neighborhood with great dollar stores. We got the socks in one.


e.l.f. cosmetics shows me some love!

e.l.f. cosmetic features NYC Body Art on their blog!
The Emperor's New Clothes
Friday, August 14, 2009

This past year, if you've seen someone done up with from head to toe in body paint on TV or at a promo event of any kind, it's likely been the magic of NYC Body Art's Robyn Thompson. She's worked with many different groups throughout the city, notably the Tyra Banks Show, and the Flight of the Concords, gracing them with her truly beautiful body art creations. So if you find yourself looking to have your pregnant belly accentuated by symbols of love and serenity before giving birth, or perhaps to debut the very first garment-less fashions in your fall collection check out www.nycbodyart.com.

Thanks! I've gotten some e.l.f. cosmetics to play with. I've got plans for a back piece that I want to do. I'm looking for a very fair female model with no tattoos on her back. If you're in the NYC are and interested, hit me back!

e.l.f. cosmetics are cool because they don't test on animals, support PETA and their products aren't made from actual elves!


Giraffe Toes

Faux Giraffe Fact: Giraffes do not generally stand on their toes. They are quite tall enough, thank you. Lindsy was a fun model. I hope to body paint her again.
I'm really lucky to have some great models that I work with. Many of the models you may notice in different body paint photo shoots. It's nice when a you shoot with someone for a second, third and forth time because everyone is much more comfortable.
Some of the things I try to do to make my models more comfortable include letting them bring a friend, asking if the temperature is ok, encouraging breaks and snacks. I think the most important thing is edit the photos with the model. It doesn't matter how beautiful a model is, everyone has photos where they think they look bad. It could be that their smile is a little too goofy, their butt a bit too big or maybe they just think they have ugly elbows. I think if the model knows that they can delete any photo that they hate, it makes them much more comfortable when we shoot. It's all about making the model comfortable. If he or she isn't comfortable, it shows in the images.


Veiled. Silver

I posted this but it didn't show. At least I think it didn't show.
I am however on painkillers for bumping my noggin (which sounds like it should be a much more exciting euphemism than it is). The conflict between my head and the loading bay door was declared a draw with neither displaying appreciable damage.


body painting with silver mesh fabric

I am usually not a big fan of the gray and silver family of color. I typically prefer bright saturated colors. I do like how the silver mesh fabric almost makes the image look grainy.

Jeff Sim Canadian Body Paint Model

Jeff looks like he's body painted as a super hero. Or is he body painted as a super villain?


She's smokin'.

Literally and figuratively.
Yes, that is a grill sheet rolled up on her head. Did you really need to ask?
FYI, my studio is a non-smoking space but we were outside for the shoot. Smoking is bad. It causes cancer. Cancer kills people. It makes their loved ones very sad. Simplistically explained but true.


I love rope lights with body painting!

I have fun shooting with my red rope lights. They provide the only lighting for this shot. It's interesting to me how they reflect off of the metallic of the body paint. This is another image from the mardi gras in ferngully shoot.


Fetal giraffe body paint

Boy, I sure hope nobody is trying to google images for science homework on fetal giraffes. Student, take note, this is not a scientifically accurate representation of giraffe development but rather a young woman body painted in an abstract giraffe design and curled up in a fetal position. While the illustration may amuse your teacher, it will not in any way increase your gpa. Trust me on this. I know all about low GPAs.


Amanda's body painting

This was one of the first body painting shoots I did once I set up my studio.
I dig the abstract and sculptural nature of many of the images.


Mardi Gras in Ferngully

Or at least that's what Pandora Rose thought her body painting looked like.
She was very patient as I body painted her and glued moss and rhinestones to her.


Red Body Painting

Jeremy's Back. He's all fierce and a dragon in this body paint image.


Body paint on my roof

Bobbie Dai is all veiled mysterious and body painted like an alien on my roof.


body paint shadows and gold leaf spirals

I like how mysterious this body paint photo is.


Time.com features my belly paintings!

Time. com featured some of the pregnant bellies that I painted in a photo feature! Click on the paintings to go to the article on Time.com's website.
zodiac mudcloth pregnant belly

fire protection pregnant bump painting cowrie mermaid belly bump painting


body paint lingerie detail

body paint lingerie detail. Is it a corset or a bustier? I don't know what the difference is. I think corsets are underwear and bustiers are outerwear. Another of life's great mysteries that can be solved by a visit to Google.
Suzie is my lovely model.


Hot grrrls body painting

This is what I did yesterday. I have the best hubby, he brought us all chocolate cake!


I'm back & my sister's back.

Sorry for the hiatus. My dh's bday my bday & family emergencies a-go-go. Much hi jinx ensued.
Today's body paint image is my sister's back. She's very indulgent. Lets me cover her in oil and pigment & more pigment. I love the earth-tones in this. She almost looks mossy.


Glamour Magazine links to Pregnant Belly Painting!

from http://www.glamour.com/health-fitness/blogs/vitamin-g/2009/05/kind-of-fun-or-a-little-nuts-w.html Here's the article!

Women Who Paint Their Pregnant Bellies: Kind of Fun or a Little Nuts?

Wednesday, 05/13/2009 at 4:45 PM 9 Comments


Photo: iStock

I think pregnant bellies--of all shapes and sizes--are adorable. Although being pregnant was not my fave thing, I did like my basketball belly (mostly for the reason that I didn't have to suck in my stomach, ever!). But, would I roll up my shirt and paint a big fat smiley face, or hearts and unicorns on it? Um, no thanks! Yet, this is what some women are doing...

Apparently the new trend in baby bumps is painted baby bumps. Seriously. The Daily Mail ran an article that took a look at this kind-of-strange trend. The body art includes fish, smiley faces, baseball motifs, and more--all painted on pregnant bellies!

And, there's more: Here's a belly painting company (yes, really) in the New York area, and check out these intricate belly art designs.

random abstract pattern body painting random image

Now doesn't the title say it all? It's got random patterns on a randomly selected image. How random!


swirly body paint

Natural light. In the doorway.

She's body painted green with glitter swirls.


body painting, a crab?

Today's random body paint image is of Nova.
The color and position of his body kinda makes him look like a crab. I also see the top half of a skull. What do you see in today's Rorschach body painting?


Autumn Fairy Body Paint

It's Foxy Squire again on today's random body paint image!


Ricardo in the forest body painting photo

It's Ricardo. He's in the forest. Ok, he's actually in a park in the Bronx. That's kinda like a forest, right? It's kind of an abstract body paint design where I'm playing with patterning.


Kasper Rose Body paint

Here's my new model from yesterday. I used a combination of body paint and glitter tattoo and jewels on her.


secret body painting

It looks to me like she's about to tell him a secret.
That's today's random body paint image. I'm expecting a new model in about an hour. Still working out her design.


River body painting

It's Spring. So what if it's been rainy & cold all week. I'm liking the greens. I need to see more greens right now.


Another beach body paint image

I'm just grabbing images at random and managed to get another picture of Nova at the beach. It's always great to do a body painting shoot at the beach.
We have a nude beach about an hour from here. Getting the net was his idea and I really like the patterning and texture that it added. It was interesting going into my local Party City store with a guy painted blue and green.


Silver and blue body painting beach shoot

Here's another picture of Nova. I painted a thin wash of silver over his blue/green design. I love the texture in this body paint image.
I also love how reflective the silver bodypaint is. Tell me what you like or don't like.


Findley silver body pain photoshoot

I love how strong this pose is. She really rocked the body paint shoot.


silver body painting beach shoot

Nova & I went to the beach on Friday. We shot two different looks. This is the second look which has a thin metallic silver coating over the blue/green body painting that I'll post tomorrow.
The wind and the water was very cold. He was quite the trooper. I'm blessed to have such nice models to work with.


Want to be a body paint model?

If you're in the NYC area and you want to work with me, phone me at 908-725-1213.
My interests primarily focus on shooting models that I have painted as well as nudes. No interest in fashion.
I only use hypoallergenic, FDA compliant make up.
If you're a model, I'll probably be glad to do TFP if I shoot.
To avoid confusion, let me explain a bit how my TFP shoots work. I ONLY shoot on weekdays. You'll use no oils or lotions the day of the shoot and bring ID. Unobtrusive escorts are always welcome. This is a nude shoot. No pasties, g-strings, etc. as they look like crap when you try to paint over them.
We'll do a model release. You'll be painted with FDA compliant water based theatrical makeup. We'll shoot. We'll both sit down at the computer to review the images. Any images that do not meet your approval will be instantly deleted from the card. I will then edit the images and send you a disk of watermarked images by mail in about a week or two.
If there's a theme that you would like to explore in your painting, please let me know and I will consider it as a design possibility.
Allow about 5-6 hours total for the shoot. Wear old clothes that you would not mind to have stained if you are going to go home painted or I have a shower available for your use.
Please let me know if you have any questions about any of this as I want you to be comfortable with the process.

Rainbow Heart Body Painting

This body painting picture is from a photoshoot from 2007 but I think it has a very 1960s feel to it. I'm digging the neon colors.
I've just posted products with this bodypaint image on to my Cafe Press store at https://www.cafepress.com/nycbodyart


Universe body paint

Sometimes I have an idea and look for a model. Sometimes a model inspires an idea. Other times, I ask the model what he or she would like to be and I just riff. She wanted to be the universe. There's a sun on her, and planets and spirals. The planets are fragile, soap bubble like things. Happy belated Earth Day!
Oh, if you like this image, you can buy stuff with it on it at my new cafepress shop. The url is http://www.cafepress.com/nycbodyart

Artist & her work body paint photo

Viviana is an abstract artist. She painted the image that she is posing in front of. I body painted her with motifs from her artwork.
She's part of my artists and their work series.
Call for artists:
I'm always looking for artists interested in participating. If you are an abstract artist who might be interested in being bodypainted, please feel free to contact me.


Sarah Banks, contortionist body paint

Today's randomly selected body paint image is of on of my favorite models. I love how warm the lighting is on this image.
Sarah and I share a deep dark secret. We're both fans of "The Worst Witch" with Tim Curry.