It's Spring but we've got an Autumn Fairy Body Paint Picture.

I know it's Spring. I can feel it in my sinuses and other places. ;)
The model if Foxxy Squire and she's looking rather demure as an autumn leaf fairy.
I crafted the wings and headpiece out of 'silk flower' leaves, the collar is glued to her. Her bodice / corset/ whatever is body painted as are her panties and stockings. I really like how the patterning came out.
I know you've seen images of this shoot before. It's what happens when I grab images at random. Who knows what we'll have tomorrow.
If there's something you'd like to see, just let me know!

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  1. Too funny. Today we had to cancel a spring faerie shoot (and my sinuses were happy about it). Fearing the grasses will to0 quickly turn brown in the rather warm weather.....I said we'' we can change it to an autumn faerie.

    Found out the other day Erin St Blaine aka Fire Pixie and I will be painting bodies at Faerieworld - seems the spring is full of of faeries.

    Love seeing how your artworks are growing.