I know I promised pics of Bobby & dinosaurs

It's also at http://www.keyetv.com/content/news/topnews/story/Pregnant-bellies-become-canvasses-for-art/DL81zVYAfUOIsl2rox8gHw.cspx

Last month, I painted a pregnant belly and did an interview for CBS affiliates. Aside from having about 5 minutes to paint, looking like heck in the video, that they got the prices wrong & the complete lack of plugs that they got in for http://www.pregnantbellypainting.com/ , it worked out fine. ;)

Thanks to my model, the lovely Carla.

Tomorrow there will be body painting pictures of Bobby with LIVE dinosaurs! Would you believe plastic dinosaurs? Would you believe that they try to eat her? Would you believe that she tries to eat them? She does! Pictures tomorrow. I pinky swear!

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